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The court of law has seen many years of wrongful accusations, but the case in point does prove that a clear conscience always wins no matter how long the scales of justice take to tip in the right balance.

Kevin Strickland Released

Kevin Strickland who was wrongfully convicted in 1978 and served a more than 42-year prison sentence has finally been vindicated and set free.

Photo Credit: Rich Sugg/The Kansas City Star via AP


Kevin Strickland was born on June 7, 1959, in Kansas City, Missouri. He is an African-American man who received a life sentence in 1979 for murdering three people in Kansas City without any physical evidence pointing to his involvement with the crime scene.


In response to Missouri’s state law ruling Strickland out as not qualified for compensation because his exoneration was not by DNA evidence, Midwest Innocence Project opened a fundraising campaign for Strickland through GoFundMe in June 2021. They succeeded in raising more than $240,000 by November 2021.


Strickland is 62. He was 18 when he was convicted of the triple murder.


Photo Credit: Midwest Innocence Project


On that night of April 25, 1978, in Kansas City, four assailants shot three people inside the home: Sherrie Black, 22, Larry Ingram, 22, and John Walker, 20.
Cynthia Douglas, 20, the fourth victim, escaped with injuries. Police arrested the 18-year old Strickland on a hunch and reportedly coerced Douglas to point him out of a line-up.

Photo Credit: Midwest Innocence Project

Strickland told police he had been watching TV at home that night. No physical evidence proved his connection to the crimes.

After two court hearings with a racially imbalanced jury, Strickland got a life sentence on the counts of a triple murder. Ms. Douglas later sought to exonerate him after realizing she had testified wrongly, but she died before her testimony could be heard.

It took the intervention of Douglas’s mother, sister, and daughter to reopen the case that later saw Strickland’s release.

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