King Sunny Adé Biography; Net Worth, Age, State, Music Career

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Born Sunday Adeniyi but popularly known as King Sunny Ade is a Popular Nigerian juju singer, instrumentalist, and songwriter.

King Sunny Ade: Biography

He is arguably one of the pioneers of African pop music to have attained international recognition.  Unlike many others, the content of King Sunny Ade is more focused on the development and international popularization of juju music; a fusion of traditional Yoruba vocal forms and percussion with Western rock and roll.


King Sunny Ade: Music Career

King Sunny Ade began his music career in Lagos in the year  1960 when he joined the Federal Rhythm Dandies band owned by singer, Moses Olaiya. After seven years with this band, King Sunny Ade moved on to form his own music band, The Green Spots. Since then, his career has known no boundaries as he tours around the world singing and playing music. Sunny Ade has two major albums; Juju music his debut album and Syncro System, his second.



King Sunny Ade: Real Age

King Sunny Ade was born on the 22nd September 1946 in Oshogbo, Nigeria, making him, 74 years old.

King Sunny Ade Net Worth

Although the exact net worth of the legendary singer is unknown, it is believed he is worth more than $1 million. The iconic singer makes most of his money from his career as a musician.


King Sunny Ade Health State

Unlike many of his age range who are struck down by diseases, there is no single report purporting that King Sunny Ade is of bad health.

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