Koo Fori Reveals What Killed His Wife, Blames It On Doctor (Watch Video)

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Seth Kwabena Kyere Karikari, popularly known as Koo Fori has given a vivid detail on how he lost his wife due to the negligence of a doctor.

Speaking with Zionfelix on the uncut show, Koo Fori said that the doctor left the placenta remnants in his wife’s womb. Due to this, his wife developed complications resulting in her death.

According to the Ghanaian actor, the remnants remained in the womb of his wife for about two weeks after she gave birth to their baby.

He expressed the pain his wife went through before giving up her ghost. His wife suffered in pain since her intestines got damaged.

He got to know the cause of her death when a pathologist did an autopsy to find out the cause of her death.


Unfortunately for him, when his wife died, he was in the United States and they had even spoken to each other and after two hours she died.

Koo Fori could not hold his tears whilst speaking to Zionfelix. He was not able to continue the interview about his wife since it only brought him sad memories. Watch the full interview below; has local correspondents across Nigeria and Ghana who are behind the incredible journalism our portal enjoys.

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