Kwaku Manu Praises John Mahama’s Humility and Addresses Industry Challenges at Creative Arts Forum


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At a recent creative arts forum held at the AH Hotel, Ghanaian actor Kwaku Manu praised former President John Mahama for his humility.


The event, which gathered members of the Creative Arts community and the NDC flagbearer, focused on addressing the industry’s key issues.

Kwaku Manu commended John Mahama for being approachable and listening to the concerns of industry professionals. He acknowledged Mahama’s willingness to engage with them, saying it was greatly appreciated.

Manu highlighted the significant challenges actors and filmmakers face, especially when seeking support from state institutions.

He pointed out that accessing funding and resources is difficult, which hampers the production of quality content and career advancement.

Additionally, Kwaku Manu urged Mahama to consider more sustainable support for actors and actresses. He suggested that building houses for industry professionals would be a more lasting solution than monthly stipends.


Kwaku Manu
Photo via Happy Ghana

This, he argued, would provide a stable foundation, allowing creatives to focus more on their work.

In response, John Mahama assured the Creative Arts community of his commitment to addressing their issues.

He emphasized the importance of the creative sector to Ghana’s culture and economy and pledged to create a more supportive environment for artists and filmmakers.

The forum ended on a hopeful note, with attendees feeling that their concerns were heard and taken seriously by an important political figure.

The event highlighted the need for ongoing dialogue between the creative arts community and policymakers to ensure the industry’s growth and sustainability.


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