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Lacrosse Player Stabbed To Death

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After a confrontation at an alcoholic party, Connecticut lacrosse player James ‘Jimmy’ McGrath, 17, was fatally stabbed. Three others were hurt.

McGrath, James ‘Jimmy,’ was discovered stabbed outside a Shelton home when a party was in full swing. It was not at the teen’s home, according to police, although it is unknown who owns the land.

According to Fox 61, a nurse who lives in the area was the one who called 911 after hearing screaming. She came out and saw what was going on and walked over and gave the boy CPR before he died.


McGrath, 17, was found stabbed outside a Shelton home (pictured) where a party had been in full swing
Image By: Fox News

Around midnight, police arrived at the house and discovered ‘many teenagers’ outside as well as ‘four stabbed victims,’ who were taken to the hospital. The other three victims aren’t in any danger of dying.

As of Tuesday, May 17, no arrests had been made, and Shelton police notified the New York Post that the investigation is still underway.

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