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Larry Chachko Obituary

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Larry Chachko was known to be the founder of Black Star automotive company.

How did Larry Chachko die?

Larry Chachko was traveling on Interstate named 141 with the “Crown Rally” car club. This event started on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, in Denver and was supposed to last up to five days. The accident made his face precipitate, making him barely unrecognizable. He died in a severe car crash which happened approximately 15 miles west of Norwood. According to sources, he was driving at almost 140 miles per hour when his car leaped a wall and rolled over several times, throwing him out of the car.


Larry Chachko | Credit: Creative-HipHop

What was Larry Chachko‘s nationality?

Where was Larry Chachko from? Larry Chachko was an American national.

Was Larry Chachko married?

Who was Larry Chachko‘s wife? Larry Chachko was married to a woman named Camilla Chacko.

Larry Chachko children

Did Larry Chachko leave any children behind? Who are Larry Chachko’s children? Larry Chachko left two children behind called Larry and Mia Chachko.

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