Layla Kiffin Biography; Net Worth, And Dad Of Lane Kiffin’s Ex-Wife


Layla Kiffin is the daughter of legendary NFL player, John Reaves and an ex-wife of Lane Kiffin of NFL fame.

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Layla Kiffin Biography

Layla Kiffin was born on January 3, 1974, in Florida, the United States of America. Layla Kiffin was born into a family of NFL superstars. Layla Kiffin’s father, John Reaves is an All-American quarterback. Layla Kiffin and Lane Kiffin tied the knot in 2004 but got divorced in 2016. Layla Kiffin and Lane Kiffin were blessed with four children; Landry Kiffin, Monte Knox Kiffin, Pressley Kiffin.


Layla Kiffin Net Worth

Layla Kiffin has an estimated net worth of $2 million. A greater portion of Layla Kiffin’s net worth was gained as an inheritance from his father John Reeves and also from divorce settlements.

Layla Kiffin and the Tosh.0

The Tosh.0 is an American television series shown on Comedy Central from June 2009 to November 2020. Tosh.0 was produced and hosted by Daniel Tosh. On the show, Daniel Tosh provided commentary on viral videos making headlines on the internet. On the show, a controversial skit by Chrissy Blair who played Layla Kiffin was aired.

Dad Of Lane Kiffin’s Ex-Wife, John Reaves

John Reaves is the father of Lane Kiffin’s ex-wife, Layla Kiffin. John Reaves officially known as Thomas Johnson John Reaves was an American college and professional football player who was a quarterback for eleven seasons in the National Football League and three seasons in the United States Football League during the 1970s and 1980s. John Reaves was born on March 2, 1950, and died 1 August 2017.