Lekki Toll-Gate Shooting: “We Are Alive”-Protesters Debunk Death Rumors


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Nigerians whose pictures went viral with rumors of being shot dead amid the Lekki toll gate massacre in the EndSARS protest have come out to debunk rumors of their death.

On their social media handles, they released statements to deny being present at the incident scene as some of them claim they have been home since the beginning of the protest.


They indicated that they did not understand why RIP has been tagged to their pictures as they are alive and not dead.

Hence, have asked them to take down their RIP tags on their names and the fake rumors.

Some victims have also blamed celebrities as they are the people that take false rumors afar.

See shared posts and comments below:

“This is not the guy on the IG live. This guy is me and you need to take this down immediately. What will you benefit for chasing clout at this trying time? Why pass information.I am alive and well. TAKE THIS DOWN!!….Take this down. Make una no kill me before my time.”


One Kimmie Coco refuting her dead rumors shared a statement that reads: 


“am alive o !!! Stop posting my picture everywhere with an RIP tag. I wasn’t at any protest, stop spreading fake news…Please I was not at any protest today, not left the house for days.stop the fake news!!! I am very alive I am at home I don’t even understand where the story is coming from but take down the RIP’s”

One Micookie Banks shared photos of Samuel David Saying:

“RIP SAMUEL DAVID history won’t forget you ,guys pls help retweet he lost his life to the massacre yesterday #LekkitollgateMassacre#EndSARSImmediately#endsars“

One Osquare also wrote

“Even my cousin that lives in Lagos died on twitter yesterday, but he’s alive in real life, I just spoke to him. He said he was shocked too to see people writing RIP for him. Nigerian celebrities have embarked on fuelling unending crisis in Nigeria by peddling fake news……It is almost 48hrs since the purported “Lekki massacre” by shooting. We are still waiting for the bodies. All the ones shared on social media so far have turned out to be false, as debunked by the families of those claimed to have been killed in Lekki tollgate. Karma will visit!”


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