Lil Durk, 31, Poses with All His Children from Six Different Mothers on Father’s Day


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Rapper Lil Durk celebrated Father’s Day surrounded by his children, reflecting on his journey as a father.


Known offstage as Durk Derrick Banks, the artist shared a heartfelt message on Instagram Stories, expressing joy at being together with all his kids. He described this experience as defining “what a man is.”

Later, his sixth baby mama, India Royale, also shared a moment from their Father’s Day celebration.

She posted a photo showing Lil Durk with all 10 of his children — five girls and five boys. She affectionately wished him a happy Father’s Day, acknowledging his role in their children’s lives.


Lil Durk and Kids
Photo via LIB

Lil Durk’s journey into fatherhood began early, welcoming his first child at just 17 years old. Since then, he has embraced fatherhood with each addition to his family.

His public acknowledgment and celebration of Father’s Day with all his children highlight the importance he places on fatherly responsibilities and the joy of family unity.

Through his social media posts, Lil Durk not only celebrates but also sets an example of paternal dedication and love.

His message resonates beyond his music career, emphasizing the significance of family bonds and the rewards of being present for his children.


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