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Lily Mae Pickering: Who is Gaynor Faye’s daughter?

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Lily Mae Pickering is the daughter of English actress and writer, Gaynor Faye. There is not much information about her. However, it is believed that she lives with her parents and sister, Oliver Mellor Pickering in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

Gaynor Faye Children | Credit: YouTube

Lily Mae Pickering father

Who is Lily Mae Pickering’s father? Lily Mae Pickering was born to Mark Pickering, Gaynor Faye’s long-time partner.


Lily Mae Pickering Auntie

Does Lily Mae Pickering have an auntie? Who is Lily Mae Pickering’s auntie? Lily Mae Pickering has an auntie called Yvonne Francas, who is Gaynor Faye’s sister.

Gaynor Faye net worth

How rich is Gaynor Faye? What is Gaynor Faye’s net worth? How much is Gaynor Faye worth? Gaynor Faye’s real net worth is not known but it is believed that she has a few hundreds of thousands of dollars to her name.

Gaynor Faye age

How old is Gaynor Faye? Gaynor Faye is 50 years old.

Gaynor Faye birthday

When does Gaynor Faye celebrate his birthday? Gaynor Faye celebrates his birthday every August 26.

Gaynor Faye date of birth

When was Gaynor Faye born? Gaynor Faye was born on August 26, 1971.

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