Lisa Marie Tasker Biography And Net Worth

Lisa Marie Tasker is the wife of the American Actor, Comedian, and Celebrity, Eric Lloyd.


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Lisa Marie Tasker Biography

Lisa Marie Tasker holds an American nationality. Lisa Marie Tasker belongs to the Caucasian ethnic background and she is a house-maker. Not much is known about Lisa Marie but reports indicate that Lisa Marie was an excellent student back in School. She participated in a number of drama classes.


Lisa Marie Tasker Net Worth

Lisa Marie Tasker has an estimated net worth of $500,000.00. 

Lisa Marie Tasker Husband, Eric Lloyd

Eric Lloyd is an American musician, producer, and actor. Eric Lloyd was born  David Eric Lloyd Morelli. Eric Lloyd was born in Glendale, California in the United States of America to David Morelli and Melissa Rogers. Emily Ann Lloyd is Eric Lloyd’s sister. Eric Lloyd holds a degree from Chapman University in Orange, California. Eric Lloyd plays guitar and sings in the band Radiomason. Eric has a track record of work experience. His recent work was “The Onyx of Wall Street as Dougie” in 2018.