List Of Ned Nwoko Wives And Their Countries

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Nigerian billionaire, Ned Nwoko, has been crowned the king of polygamy due to his marital state with his wives.

Ned Nwoko is married to six beautiful and intelligent wives. There were rumors of him getting married to a seventh wife. However, Ned Nwoko debunked the news when he was reacting to a fan’s comment.

Ned Nwoko has emphatically made it clear that he would marry more wives in order to not cheat on his beloved. To Ned Nwoko, he is a Muslim, and polygamy is allowed. Hence his decision to marry as many wives as he wants, since, he can take care of them.

Ned Nwoko Wives and their countries

Ned Nwoko is known to have six wives, however, the popular ones disclosed on the internet are four. His first wife, Barrister Lily Nwoko, his fourth wife, Lala charani, his fifth wife, Lina Nwoko, and his sixth wife, Regina Daniels.

Barrister Lily Nwoko

Lily Nwoko is in the line of work with her husband, Ned Nwoko. Just like the Nigerian lawyer and politician, his wife, Lily, is also a lawyer. There were assertions about Laila Charani being the first wife but Lily is the mama of the house. Her picture surfaced online after her daughter Julia Nwoko shared her photos on her birthday. Lily loves to keep her personal details private, hence, Information on her lifestyle and country is under review.

Laila Charani

Laila charani is one of the favorite wives of Ned Nwoko. She is from Morocco and has three kids for Ned Nwoko. Recall her husband celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago in a grand style. An expensive royal dinner was organized for her as she chills out with the family.


Laila Charani

Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels, the daughter of actress, Rita Daniels, is the last and sixth wife of Ned Nwoko. Regina Daniels is a Nollywood actress and a model. She was born on 13th May 2000 and hails from Asaba in the Delta State of Nigeria. Regina Daniels married her husband at age 19 years when she was a virgin. Regina in 2020 welcomed a son for Ned Nwoko called  Prince Munir. Among the other actresses, she is the youngest with much influence and followers on social media.

Regina Daniels

Lina Nwoko

Lina Nwoko is the fifth wife of Ned Nwoko. The Nigerian politician seems to be a lover of Moroccan women as his fifth wife is also from Morocco. She is part of the other wives who love to keep their personal information off social media. Hence, the information about her personal life is still under review.

Much information has not been gathered about the remaining two wives. This is because they have no interest in publicizing their lifestyle on social media. The remaining information is under checks and we would drop updates as soon as we get the needed information.

I am Hadjira Sulemana Amadu. A Bsc Nursing student at Pentecost University, a blogger, a content creator and an editor here at abtc.ng.


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