List Of Security Companies In Ghana


Security companies in Ghana exist with the single purpose of proving security assistance to other companies against burglary activities.

Their services are delivered under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior which is headed by the Minister For Interior Affairs.

The ministry certifies companies that meet the certification criteria and as well as renew such certificates periodically often yearly.

Ministers of Interior, Ghana
Ambrose Dery, Minister for Interior, and Bryan Acheampong, Deputy Minister for Interior

Here is a list of security companies in good standing and duly certified to operate in the confines of Ghana. This list is provided by the Ministry of Interior, Ghana.


  1. Swed Consulting Limited
  2. Ojeyz Security. Management Limited
  3. G4S Security Services Ltd
  4. Omega Risk Solutions Ltd
  5. Inter-Con Security Systems
  6. Akaa Security Services Ltd
  7. Sparrows Intelligent Security Services Ltd
  8. Stallion Tiger Company Limited
  9. Kwan Security Services Limited
  10. Ammour Security Limited
  11. Cedar Integrated Security
  12. Northern Rocket Security Services Limited
  13. Megaforce Security Services Limited
  14. Scorpion Unit Security Limited
  15. Keyedmap Services Limited
  16. Obrad Security Services
  17. C2i International Limited
  18. Hans Security Limited
  19. Paradigm Security Services Limited
  20. OAA Security Limited
  21. Sakom Security Services Ghana Limited
  22. Zein Security Company Limited
  23. Simba Gate Security Limited
  24. G4S Risk Management Africa Limited
  25. HM Security Company Limited
  26. AZ Suguru Guubo Security Services Ltd
  27. Ropricon Security Services Limited
  28. Shield & Crown Security International Limited
  29. BNIT Security Services Limited
  30. Delta Security Services Limited
  31. Protea Coin Group Ghana Limited
  32. Spotlight Security Solutions
  33. Debill Services Limited
  34. Parkway Security Company Limited
  35. GUO Security Services Limited
  36. Main-Core Security Service Limited
  37. Sir Robert Security Company Limited
  38. Multi-Mission Dynamics Ghana Limited
  39. GBS Security Limited
  40. Mohib Security Services Limited
  41. Safeway Security Guard Limited
  42. Intelligent Security Solutions Limited
  43. United Security Agency Ltd
  44. Classic Surveillance Limited
  45. Leopard Security Services
  46. NEF Lock Security Services Limited
  47. Northern Security and Investment Ltd
  48. Ghanatta Security Services Limited
  49. Zipline Security Services Limited
  50. First Watch Security Services Limited
  51. Yutees Services Limited
  52. Verbum Security Services Limited
  53. Destiny Security Services Limited
  54. Triple Protection Services Limited
  55. Glory Heights Profile Consults Limited
  56. Goldmaxx Security Company Limited
  57. Dorcantee Security Services Limited
  58. Kenthouse Security Limited
  59. Jraco Security Services
  60. Precisions Security Services Limited
  61. Fortune Security Ghana Limited
  62. Joevic Security Services Limited
  63. Cigads Security and Allied Services Ltd
  64. Standwatch Protection and Investment Ltd
  65. Cardinal Security Services Limited
  66. SAJ Logistics Limited
  67. Royal Guards Limited
  68. Premium Baaj Security Services
  69. Wonders Security Company Ltd
  70. Resolution Security Limited
  71. Royal Xchange Security Services Ltd
  72. B.Y. Security Service Company Ltd