Ilebaye BBNaija Biography & Housemate Profile | BBN Pictures, Age, State, Occupation, Full Name

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21-year-old Ilebaye is a criminology and security studies, graduate and entrepreneur. She loves swimming, partying, bowling and shopping, and considers herself a controversial, adventurous go-getter.

Ilebaye doesn’t believe in love and feels romantic relationships are all about pretence.
She can be blunt and have a nonchalant attitude, traits that could annoy her fellow Housemates, but she plans to make up for it by being easygoing and fun to be around.

LLebaye BBN Pictures

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LLebaye Age

LLebaye is 21 years old.

LLebaye State

The state LLebaye comes from is unknown.

LLebaye Occupation

LLebaye is an entreprenur

LLebaye Full Name

LLebaye is called  Ilebaye Odiniya.

 Ilebaye BBNaija Profile

Full Name  Ilebaye Odiniya
Stage Name Ilebaye
Sex Females
Age 21
Occupation Entrepreneur
Marital Status Single



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