LOL: New NYSC Handbook Urges Members To Get Their Family On Standby To Pay Ransoms In Case Of An Unfortunate Event

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The new Nigerian Youth Service Corps (NYSC) handbook has urged members and staff to alert their families and loved ones to be on standby and prepare to pay ransoms, should there be an unfortunate event on their way to their designated areas.

NYSC members

In the new NYSC for Security Awareness and Education Handbook for Corps Members and Staff, one of the most important things sited in the book indicates that, participants who will travel on high risk roads like Abuja – Kaduna, Abuja – Lokoja, and others should make sure their families and loved ones have someone on standby to pay off ransom that could be asked.


When travelling in high risk roads such as Abuja – Kaduna, Abuja – Lokoja – Okene or Aba – Port-Harcourt roads, then alert your family members, friends and colleagues in order to have someone on hand to pay off the ransom that could be demanded,” the book stated.

Many people on social media retorted that the lives of the citizens mean nothing to the higher authorities. Therefore, instead of putting forces in place to avoid kidnappers and other bandits to terrorize citizens, they are rather asking them to have people and resources on standby to exchange for their lives.


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