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Disturbing viral video shows a man carrying a high-powered rifle stalking basketball players on an Ohio court — before the man filming it is injured after more than a dozen shots rang out.

The footage — which The Blade says was being recorded live in Toledo Monday afternoon — initially showed a group playing ball in an outdoor court before some players suddenly turn in alarm to look behind them.

Amid screams as they start fleeing, the video caught a brief glimpse of a shirtless man marching just outside the court’s edge — brandishing what looks like an AR-style rifle.

After an initial volley of at least six shots, at least 10 more then sounded — seemingly including return fire from a separate weapon — before the man filming screamed and dropped his camera as he fell to the ground.

“Argh! I got shot! I got shot! Help me, bro — I got shot!” he screamed. “I’m gonna die, bro!”

The clip ended with the sound of doors closing as a group appeared to help the injured man into a car, with a girl sobbing as the shot man begged, “I don’t wanna die, bro … get me to the hospital, please.”

Toledo police told The Blade that the victim — who was not identified — was in “critical but stable” condition in ProMedica Toledo Hospital. His injuries were not disclosed.

A man believed to be in his mid-20s was shot by another male at Winterfield Park on Hill Avenue

He was the only person hit in the shooting, police told the outlet. It was not clear if there were any arrests or suspects.

“Arguments in a park in Toledo shouldn’t be leading to life & death situations,” said Black Lives Matter protester Julian Mack, a candidate for Toledo City Council. “We deserve safe parks & recreation free from violence.”

“I’m praying for the young man that was shot in the video& hope for a speedy full recovery. My heart is hurting,” he tweeted.

Source: New York Post

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