Marianna Podgurskaya: Who Is The Injured Pregnant Ukrainian Beauty Blogger?


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A beauty blogger who survived the Mariupol hospital attack is thought to have ‘given birth’ after being targeted by nasty online trolls who accused her of being ‘paid’ to take a ‘photoshoot’ at the hospital, with Russian propaganda suggesting she faked her injuries.


According to an independent journalist, Marianna Podgurskaya, who was identified by a Russian embassy as a bloodied patient observed fleeing from Mariupol maternity hospital on Wednesday evening, gave birth to a baby girl at around 10 p.m. on Thursday.


Marianna is a popular beauty blogger with a large Instagram following (47k followers). According to her Instagram bio, her major focus appears to be haircare, and her lovely golden locks demonstrate that she knows what she’s talking about. She also offers advice on makeup, skincare, and other topics.

The influencer appears to be in high demand, with numerous advertisers contacting her to sell their products.

While Marianna was undoubtedly traumatized and injured as a result of Russia’s attack of a Ukrainian maternity clinic, she was one of the fortunate survivors.


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