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In the dynamic world of cricket, it’s often the players who take center stage, captivating audiences with their incredible performances. One such emerging star who has made waves in the cricketing world is Matheesha Pathirana. However, behind every successful athlete, there’s often a family that plays a pivotal role in their journey. In this article, we take a closer look at the family of Matheesha Pathirana, including his parents, father Anura Pathirana, sister Vishuka, and their support system.


A Musical Family

The Pathirana family isn’t just known for their association with cricket; they have deep roots in the world of music. Matheesha’s father, Anura Pathirana, is a music enthusiast who has been passionate about melodies since his youth. He honed his musical talents by playing the guitar in a music band. This love for music has always been a significant part of the family’s life.

Similarly, Matheesha’s mother has a strong connection to the world of music. She, too, has a history of involvement with music and was a rhythm guitarist in the band ‘Salalihiniyo.’ This shared love for music is an essential part of the family’s identity and has likely influenced Matheesha’s interests and talents.

While cricket is undoubtedly the focus of Matheesha’s life, the presence of a musically inclined family adds an extra layer of richness and diversity to his upbringing. The shared passion for music has likely played a role in the family’s tight-knit bond.



Siblings and Support

In addition to his musically inclined parents, Matheesha Pathirana has two elder sisters, including Vishuka Pathirana. While it’s not explicitly mentioned whether his sisters share his passion for cricket or music, what’s evident is the family’s strong and supportive dynamic.

The nurturing family environment that Matheesha grew up in is an integral part of his success story. With the shared values, guidance, and inspiration from his family, Matheesha has been provided with a well-rounded upbringing that fosters both his personal and sporting development. The values and encouragement drawn from his family have served as a strong motivating force in his journey to success.

As Matheesha continues to excel in the world of cricket, the unwavering support and influence of his family remain constant. Their influence has helped shape him into the promising cricketer he is today and will likely continue to be a guiding light as he advances further in his cricketing career.

Matheesha Pathirana’s journey in the cricketing world is a testament to the power of passion, talent, and family support. As he continues to inspire fans and cricket enthusiasts worldwide, it’s crucial to recognize the role that his family’s musical heritage and steadfast encouragement have played in nurturing this cricket sensation. In a sport that thrives on youth and excitement, Matheesha Pathirana’s family is undoubtedly the backbone of his incredible journey.


The Lightning Bolt


In 2019, Matheesha Pathirana made headlines that reverberated across the cricketing world. During an Under-19 match against India, the 17-year-old speedster bowled a delivery that was recorded at an astonishing 175 km/h (108 mph), making it the fastest-ever recorded ball bowled by any cricketer at the Under-19 level. This exceptional feat quickly earned him the nickname “Baby Malinga,” drawing comparisons to Sri Lankan cricket legend Lasith Malinga, not just for his speed but also for his unique bowling action.

The 175 km/h delivery sent shockwaves through the cricket community, with cricketing legends and fans alike lauding his remarkable talent. Matheesha Pathirana’s lightning-fast bowling showcased his raw potential and placed him firmly on the radar of scouts, selectors, and franchises in the cricketing world.

Matheesha Pathirana’s Journey Through Current Teams

Matheesha Pathirana, the young and promising Sri Lankan cricketer born on 18th December 2002, has been making headlines in the world of cricket. Known as “Baby Malinga” for his striking similarity to the legendary Sri Lankan bowler Lasith Malinga, Pathirana’s journey through various teams has been nothing short of remarkable.

Early Beginnings

Pathirana’s introduction to the cricketing world came with his selection in Sri Lanka’s squad for the 2020 Under-19 Cricket World Cup. This early recognition of his talent served as a foreshadowing of his bright future in international cricket.

In August 2021, he was named in the SLC Greys’ squad for the 2021 SLC Invitational T20 League, marking the start of his journey in the T20 format. He made his Twenty20 debut on 22nd August 2021, representing SLC Greys in the 2021 SLC Invitational T20 League. Prior to this, he was part of Sri Lanka’s Under-19 squad, showcasing his promise at a young age.

PHOTO CREDIT: Matt Roberts-ICC/ICC via Getty Images

The IPL and Rising Stardom

Pathirana’s career received a massive boost when he was signed by the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) for the 2022 Indian Premier League (IPL) as a replacement for Adam Milne. His IPL debut was nothing short of sensational. In his very first ball, he dismissed Shubman Gill, etching his name in the record books as the first Sri Lankan and the ninth cricketer overall to achieve such a feat in the IPL.

His remarkable performances in the 2023 IPL season solidified his place in CSK. The team, with Pathirana’s contributions, secured the IPL trophy. With 19 wickets to his name, Matheesha Pathirana also became the youngest foreign player to win an IPL trophy, a testament to his exceptional skills and maturity on the field.

Franchise Cricket Success

Pathirana’s IPL success opened doors to further opportunities in franchise cricket. In July 2022, he was signed by the Kandy Falcons for the third edition of the Lanka Premier League, underlining his growing reputation as a talented fast bowler.

International Debut

His exceptional performances in franchise cricket led to his inclusion in Sri Lanka’s international squads. In May 2022, he was named in Sri Lanka’s Twenty20 International (T20I) squad for their series against Australia, signifying his potential at the international level. Although he didn’t get the opportunity to play due to an injury, it was a clear acknowledgment of his growing stature in Sri Lankan cricket.

Pathirana’s T20I debut came on 27th August 2022, against Afghanistan. His international journey didn’t stop there. In March 2023, he was named in both the One Day International (ODI) and T20I squads for the series against New Zealand, marking his entry into ODI cricket. He made his ODI debut on 2nd June 2023, against Afghanistan, and claimed his maiden ODI wicket by dismissing Rahmat Shah.

The Pathirana Phenomenon Continues

As Matheesha Pathirana continues to rise through the ranks, he embodies the dreams of cricket-loving fans in Sri Lanka and around the world. His unique bowling action, pace, and remarkable performances in both franchise and international cricket make him a player to watch in the coming years. With dedication and relentless effort, Pathirana is set to become a prominent name in the world of cricket. The inclusion of his name in the ICC ODI World Cup qualifier squad in June 2023 speaks volumes about his growing reputation and potential to contribute to Sri Lanka’s success on the international stage. The journey of Matheesha Pathirana is a testament to the power of passion and hard work, as he continues to captivate cricket enthusiasts with his performances in various teams and formats.



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