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Matthew Cutler, the renowned dancer known for his exceptional talents on the dance floor, has been captivating audiences for years. Many admirers of his work are curious about his age, wanting to know just how old this talented dancer is. Let’s delve into the details of Matthew Cutler’s age and his remarkable journey in the world of dance.


Early Life and Career

Born as Matthew David Cutler on October 30, 1973, in Chelmsford, Essex, England, this gifted dancer has made a significant mark in the world of ballroom and Latin dance. His journey into the world of dance began at an early age, and over the years, he has honed his skills to become a prominent figure in the industry.

A Distinguished Career

Matthew Cutler’s career as a dancer has been nothing short of illustrious. He has showcased his exceptional talents in various dance forms, with a particular emphasis on ballroom and Latin dance styles. His dedication and skill have earned him numerous accolades and a devoted fan base.

Marriage to Nicole Cutler


During his life journey, Matthew Cutler was married to Nicole Cutler. The couple tied the knot in 1996 and shared several years together before their marriage ended in 2003. While Matthew Cutler’s career in dance has been a prominent aspect of his life, he has also experienced personal milestones and relationships.

The Question of Age

As of the current date, September 30, 2023, Matthew Cutler is 49 years old. Over the years, he has continued to be an influential figure in the world of dance, both as a performer and as a teacher, imparting his knowledge and passion for dance to future generations.

Legacy and Influence

Matthew Cutler’s age serves as a testament to his enduring commitment to his craft. His contributions to the world of dance have left an indelible mark, inspiring aspiring dancers and enthusiasts alike. His legacy as a dancer, teacher, and performer continues to thrive, reminding us that age is no barrier to the pursuit of one’s passion and artistry.

As Matthew Cutler continues to share his love for dance with the world, his age is a testament to the timelessness of his dedication and the enduring impact of his talent. Fans and admirers can look forward to more from this remarkable dancer as he continues to inspire and captivate with his artistry.


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