Meet Angela Ermakova, The Mother Of Boris Becker’s Model Daughter Anna Ermakova

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Anna Ermakova”s mother, Angela Ermakova, is a Russian model born of Russian and Nigerian parents.

Born in 1968, Angela became famous not for her talent, but for a fleeting affair with the champion of the Wimbledon tournament Boris Becker, as a result of which she gave birth to her daughter- Anna.

Angela’s childhood can not be called cloudless. Being born from the connection of Muscovite and Nigerian, she constantly heard in her address mockery because of dark skin.

Learning about the pregnancy of his Russian girlfriend, Becker simply disappeared. It was not easy for the young mother to have an illegitimate dark-skinned daughter in her arms.

Photo Credit: Daily Advent

She heroically endured condemning glances and raised the baby alone, trying to provide her with everything necessary.


School years did not leave pleasant memories for Angela Ermakova. Since elementary school girl teased black. At school she pretended not to notice insults, and at home she wept bitterly for offense.

Before finishing school, misfortune happened to Angela: drunken classmates raped her. The case did not succeed in publicizing, but the girl’s hatred for her compatriots increased even more.

Having received a certificate of secondary education, Angela began to intensively study English. Soon, she got a job as a translator at a foreign company.

The dream of leaving the Soviet Union got stronger even more. Angela did not spend the earned money, but saved up, hoping for them to leave the country.

In Moscow, lived for 22 years, Angela Ermakova planned to go to Italy and take up modeling business there, but her friend convinced her to choose England, where she could apply for a student visa, and then use her to get a residence permit.

Angela met Becker, and their rendezvous was limited only to sex, after which the athlete did not call her anymore. Their meeting ended in pregnancy and the birth of Anna’s wonderful daughter.

As Angela herself said, she never had a thought to have an abortion, because she was expecting a child from a real champion, and not from a janitor.


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