Meet Luke Bryan’s Children Thomas Boyer Bryan And Tatum Christopher Bryan

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Country music superstar, Luke Bryan married his South Georgia sweetheart Caroline Boyer on December 8, 2006. They have since welcomed two children, Thomas Boyer Bryan “Bo” (Born on March 18, 2008) Tatum Christopher Bryan “Tate” was (born on August 11. 2010).

In addition to being the children of Luke Bryan, the two also helped their famous father choose “award-winning” songs from his repertoire catalog.

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“They are the best touchstones,” Luke recently explained to ABC News. “If there are 10 songs in an album that the whole world hasn’t heard, and they want to listen to these two songs over and over again, and they don’t talk about other people, that tells me a lot.”

“It’s funny,” the star added. “I mean, now in my truck, I have new music I finished. We got on the truck, [they said] “Dad, play this, play that. ”

How old are Luke Bryan’s nieces?

Luke Bryan’s nieces are Jordan-20 years and Kris-16 years old. Both are deceased.

How many siblings does Luke Bryan have?

Luke has two siblings, Chris and Kelly Bryan.

How many kids do Luke and Caroline have?

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Luke and Caroline have two kids, Thomas Boyer Bryan And Tatum Christopher Bryan. Luke has also taken in his nephew and two nieces — Til, Jordan, and Kris.

How old is Thomas Boyer Bryan?

Thomas Boyer Bryan is the oldest of the two. Tom is 13 years old.

How old is Tatum Christopher Bryan?

Christopher Bryan is the youngest of the two children. Tatum is 11 years old.

How did Luke Bryan lose his sister?

Luke Bryan’s sister died suddenly. The cause of her death was not made known to the public.

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