Melanie Sykes Family, Instagram, Net Worth, Height, Age, Parents

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Melanie Sykes is an English television and radio presenter who doubles as a model.

Melanie Sykes | Credit: The Guardian

Melanie Sykes family

Who are Melanie Sykes’ family? Is Melanie Sykes married? Does Melanie Sykes have children? Melanie Sykes is not married at the moment (as of 2021), however, she has two ex-husbands; Daniel Caltagirone (m. 2001-2009) and Jack Cockings (m. 2013-2016).

She has two known children whom she bore with her first husband, Daniel Caltagirone. The children are Roman Caltagirone and Valentino Luca Caltagirone.

Melanie Sykes and children | Credit: Daily Express

She was born to Wendy Sykes and Robert Sykes. She also has two siblings; Samantha Sykes and Stacy Sykes.

Melanie Sykes Instagram

Is Melanie Sykes on Instagram? What is Melanie Sykes’ Instagram handle? Melanie Sykes is on Instagram as @msmelaniesykes. She has a verified account with almost three hundred thousand (297K) followers.

She usually posts pictures of herself at the library and other few random posts about meet ups with her friends.

Below is one of the posts from her Instagram page:

Melanie Sykes net worth

How much is Melanie Sykes worth? Melanie Sykes has an estimated net worth of around $5 million according to haqexpress.com.

Melanie Sykes height

How tall is Melanie Sykes? Melanie Sykes is 1. 75 meters tall.

Melanie Sykes age

How old is Melanie Sykes? Melanie Sykes is 51 years old; born on 7th August 1970.

Melanie Sykes parents

Who are Melanie Sykes’ parents? Melanie Sykes was born to Wendy Sykes and Robert Sykes.

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