Men Tell Female Soldier She’s Too Pretty For The Job; She Reacts

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A female soldier has taken to social media to address men who always inform her that she’s too pretty to work as a soldier.

In her response, the female soldier has clearly stated that she is unfazed by those comments and that she prefers to earn a source of livelihood than to live off men.

In a video shared on social media, the Army woman is seen wearing her uniform while explaining that what she’s too pretty for is to beg men for “urgent 2k” or to be disrespected by them.

The army lady oozed with confidence as she reacted to the ‘compliments’ she gets from a lot of men.

In her words;

“If there’s anything to be pretty about, it’s to make you believe without you I’m nothing, it’s to be used and dumped by you.

“You see, your insult, your disappointment, your disrespect is what I’m too pretty for…”

Watch her speak in the video below:

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