Mohbad’s Family Rejects Autopsy Report, Calls for Independent Test


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The family of the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, known as Mohbad, has rejected the autopsy results conducted by the Lagos state government.


They are now demanding an independent toxicology test to determine the true cause of his death.

During a press conference on Monday, June 17, the family’s lawyer, Wahab Shittu, expressed concerns over the discrepancies in the autopsy report presented by the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH).

The report, which was presented to the Coroner’s Court in Ikorodu by Prof. Sunday Soyemi, a forensic scientist and pathologist, showed inconsistencies with the findings of the Nigerian Police and state medical experts.

The family believes these discrepancies undermine the credibility of the autopsy report. They argue that an independent toxicology test would provide clearer answers regarding their son’s death.

They are also troubled by the lack of response from the government and police regarding media reports that a US laboratory denied conducting an autopsy on Mohbad.


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This silence, they say, raises doubts about the investigation’s integrity.

The family has called on the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, to intervene.

Mohbad, who died at 27 on September 12, 2023, under mysterious circumstances, had his body exhumed on September 21 for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

On May 16, Prof. Soyemi informed the Coroner’s Inquest that the autopsy was inconclusive due to factors such as body decomposition and possible reactions to medications Mohbad received before his death.

The family hopes that an independent examination will shed more light on the true cause of Mohbad’s death.


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