My Father Has Disowned Me,” – Lady Who Tattooed Bobrisky On Her Back Cries Out

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A Nigerian lady who got the attention of the media and popular crossdresser, Bobrisky for tattooing his body at her back has come out to complain her father has neglected her.

According to the attention-seeking lady, her father has disowned of being his child and/or daughter for the unmerited conduct she allowed herself to be influenced. She said a tattoo of Bobrisky’s face on her back has caused her father to disown her.

Bobrisky, Nigerian crossdresser. Image credit – Instagram

The lady disclosed that she is currently at crossroads and does not know what to do. She also accused the cross-dresser of not ”showing her any love” after getting the tattoo. A section of Nigerian out of hunger and poverty have opted to tattoo celebrities face on their body so that they can have their attention for financial help.


The unidentified lady Is the second in the line of the ladies using tattoos to reach Bobrisky. The first was Anumba Gift who was sent to Dubai for shopping and has rented house in Abuja for her financed by Bobrisky.


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