A husband has cried out to a relationship coach, Joro Olumofin in a mail that his wife has been sleeping with their housemaid.]

He stated in the mail that he caught his wife sleeping with their maid which the woman apologized that it’ll never happen again but their relationship is still going on.

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Read his full message below;

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“My wife slept with our house girl . She didn’t respond to my threat
Good evening Joro. I have been married for 8 years and I never suspected my wife is a lesbian or bi Last week I woke up and my wife was not beside me, I thought she was in the toilet.

I checked and she was not there, I later went to the parlor and heard moans. My wife was giving our house girl head. I stayed and watched for for a few minutes. Honestly while watchin.

I had an erection. I went into the  room to masturbate it off. And waited for her ,when she came back I questioned her and called the house girl in, she started crying and saying I should not let the children hear , they were both crying and begging I told her I don’t want the house girl in the house again.

She said no and she will stop. Like she told me to my face NO I think it’s not just physical My wife has feelings for her like

they are in love I am confused, I am not as angry as I would be if it was man.

I don’t know what to feel I would be more angry if she cheated with a man but now I don’t really know Thinking about it I Keep getting hard and hard”


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