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Nadine Trintignant: Who Is Jean Louis Trintignant’s Ex-Wife?

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Nadine Trintignant, the ex-wife of Jean Louis Trintignant, is a French film director, producer, and editor who has been active in the media scenes for over four decades.

Nadine Trintignant and Jean Louis Trintignant walked down the aisle in 1960 and they divorced officially in 1976. Nadine Trintignant and Jean Louis Trintignant lived happily together and they had a good time together.


Nadine Trintignant
Nadine Trintignant
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Nadine Trintignant and Jean Louis Trintignant were blessed with three children called Marie Trintignant, Vincent Trintignant, and Pauline Trintignant. Nadine Trintignant was born in Nice, France, on November 11, 1934, hence, she is 87 years of age.

Nadine Trintignant has been quite instrumental in the world of movies and she wrote a number of novels like Combien d’enfants, e Jeune homme de la rue de France, and others.

Nadine Trintignant has worked on a number of movies and some of them include Une Parisienne, Une Vie, Cadeau de rupture, Contre l’oubli, Lucas, Rêveuse jeunesse, and others.

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