Naomi Biden Parents: Who is Naomi Biden’s father?

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American attorney, Hunter Biden is the father of Naomi Biden. Naomi Biden is a child from Hunter’s first marriage with his ex-wife Kathleen Bulhe.

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Hunter Biden father

Who is Hunter Biden’s father? Hunter Biden is the son of the United States President, Joe Biden.


Hunter Biden age

How old is Hunter Biden? Hunter Biden is 52 years old; born on February 4, 1970.

Hunter Biden children

How many children does Hunter Biden have? Who are Hunter Biden’s children? Hunter Bide has five children; Naomi Biden, Beau Biden Jr., Navy Joan Roberts, Finnegan Biden, and Maisy Biden.

Hunter Biden education

Where did Hunter Biden attend school? What is Hunter Biden’s educational background? Hunter Biden attended Yale Law School in 1996 and Georgetown University in 1992.

Hunter Biden net worth

How rich is the President’s son? How much is Hunter Biden worth? What is Hunter Biden’s net worth? Hunter Biden has an estimated net worth of around $30 million, according to several reports.

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