Navigating the Shadows: The Effects of a Six Nations Loss


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As the Guinness Six Nations Championship unfolds, former England wing Jonny May sheds light on the profound impact of losing the tournament’s opening fixture and the ominous shadows it casts over a team’s campaign.


In a candid reflection shared in his column for Six Nations Rugby, May emphasizes the critical importance of the initial matches in setting the tone for the entire championship. For England, who have struggled in recent years with opening round defeats, the upcoming fixtures offer a chance for redemption and resurgence under the guidance of coach Steve Borthwick.

May underscores the psychological toll of a Six Nations loss, describing how the vibrancy and excitement of competition dissipate rapidly when confronted with defeat. “The buzz is gone and you can’t leave,” he articulates, painting a vivid picture of the somber atmosphere that descends upon a team following a disappointing result.


Steve Borthwick
Steve Borthwick
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With Italy and Wales as their first opponents, England finds themselves in a favorable position to reverse their fortunes and ignite momentum early in the tournament. May acknowledges the significance of facing lower-ranked teams initially, recognizing the opportunity it presents for England to cultivate optimism and confidence within their squad.

“On paper, England have the two lowest-ranked teams in the competition first up,” May remarks, highlighting the potential for a transformative start to the championship. A victory in Rome followed by success against Wales at Twickenham could galvanize the team and instill a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

May’s insights offer a glimpse into the intricate dynamics of Six Nations rugby, where the margins between success and despair are razor-thin. As England prepares to embark on their journey, the significance of each fixture looms large, serving as a testament to the unforgiving nature of elite-level competition.

In the crucible of the Six Nations, where dreams are realized and shattered, May’s reflections serve as a poignant reminder of the stakes involved and the resilience required to navigate the shadows of defeat towards the light of victory.


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