The rumoured 7th wife of Ned Nwoko has reportedly been seen driving a vehicle which looks like it is for Regina Daniels.

Regina Daniels owns a highly customized Mercedes G-Wagon vehicle. The licence plenty to this vehicle even carries her motto favourite motto ‘4 EVA 16’. She has been seen on several occasions pose with this car to the delight of her fans.

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The keys to the car appear to have been given to Sara, the woman, Regina Daniels said she was just visiting them in the country after rumours filled the internet that she was the 7th wife to her husband.

Sara has been spotted in fresh photos and videos taking photos and driving a car that looks like this same Regina Daniels vehicle. The keys have been taken from Regina Daniels and handed over to her.

It is a little abnormal for such an expensive car to be driven by a friend who lives the most part of her life in the United Kingdom if there is nothing like a relationship. All remain allegations.

Coming days will unfold the truth behind this mystery woman currently seen in Ned Nwoko’s house and driving Regina Daniels’ cars.