Accomplished lawyer, Ned Nwoko’s rumoured UK-based 7th wife has shared some nice photos on her InstaStory.

Sara(Alleged 7th wife of Ned Nwoko)

She beamed in a perfect smile in one of the photos while the other had her uncovering a food in a kitchen.

Gossip went viral a few days ago about Ned Nwoko having gotten married again to this fair-skinned woman. His last but probably not final wife, Regina Daniels came out to reject such unwarranted rumours. She stated the woman was a friend who visited from the UK.

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Ned Regina and Sara

Sara also shared what Regina Daniels said about they being friends on her InstaStory in order to make a point rumours of her being a 7th wife was just a cock and bull story.

A lot of their fans have taken their replies with a pinch of salt because this is not the first time the Nwoko family said one thing and something different happened later.

Regina Daniels denied vehemently dating and eventually marrying Ned Nwoko when those rumours began. Later on, it was found they had a private marriage ceremony. Ensuing days will reveal if there is any iota of truth in Ned Nwoko marrying this beautiful woman.