Nero X Confident in Supporting Mahama Without Fear for Career


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Joseph Nkrumah Buabeng, better known as Highlife singer Nero X, has addressed critics who believe his career will end because he created a campaign song for John Mahama.


In response to these critics, Nero X emphasized that they do not have the power to determine his fate.

Speaking on Property FM in Cape Coast, he pointed out that Mr. Beautiful, a Ghanaian comic actor whose career allegedly declined after supporting Mahama and the NDC, is still alive and doing well despite attempts to sabotage him.

Nero X argued that Mr. Beautiful is thriving and living better than many who tried to end his career. This, he said, shows that human intentions cannot override God’s plans.


Nero X
Photo via MyJoyOnline

He recalled that when he supported the other side in the past, he did not face such criticisms.

According to Nero X, everyone has their own destiny, and if someone else’s career ended badly, it might be because their intentions were not pure.

He stated that if he supports Mahama now and things do not go well, he has the right to support someone else in the future. He urged people not to take his political choices personally, asserting his freedom to support whoever he believes in.


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