Nigeria Is Among the Most Developed and Saturated Gaming Markets in Africa

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With the spread of smartphones and other mobile devices, Africa is slowly becoming a gaming continent with Nigeria being one of the biggest, the most developed and saturated markets. Many Nigerians, however, still have very modest and limited experiences with gaming, but this hasn’t stopped the country from becoming one of the most promising video game markets of today’s Africa. Let’s see.

Mobile Phones and Barber Shops

Many Nigerians experience gaming mostly through their mobile phones. This is not surprising since consoles are too expensive for most citizens. In addition to that, Nigeria has become a huge market for mobile phones in recent years. This year only, the number of mobile internet users rose to over 101.7 million!

But there are ways in which even the Nigerians who cannot afford to buy consoles can still play them. Many businesses have consoles available that can be played for a small amount of money. Local barbershops are especially known to have such a side hustle, and often have 2 to 5 consoles (usually different versions of PlayStation) available for those willing to pay to play for a limited amount of time.

Knowing that the official minimum wage in the country is $78 and the average cost of living per month is $112, the cost of newer PlayStation models is far higher than those numbers. But fortunately, just for $0.20, a Nigerian gamer can play PS4 in their local gaming center.

Booming Market

But such conditions did not prevent Nigeria from turning into one of the most developed gaming markets in Africa, which is constantly expanding. This has a lot to do with the rising availability of mobile phones, as well as with the spread of internet connections: currently, 43% of the population in Nigeria actively uses the internet.

This development is so striking that many consider Nigeria (Lagos) to be Africa’s unofficial tech capital. It is projected that by 2023, the value of the Nigerian gaming market will rise to $176 million! The revenue from console games reached $5.3 million in 2018 and forecasts suggest that it will more than double by 2023. And all the classic titles are present: LoL, Dota 2, CS, Fortnite, and similar.

Another sign of this technological development is the popularity of online casino games – as sports are very popular in the country, different types of sports betting are the most popular form of online wagering in Nigeria. And the rest of the casino games follow. In this respect, the especially good news is that Africa is on the verge of regulating the online market.


Gaming in Other African Countries

But Nigeria is not the only gaming market that is proliferating in Africa. Let’s take a quick look.

South Africa

South Africa is the second biggest gaming market on the continent. In 2019, 20.3 million South African gamers spent $120 million on video games! This was a rise of almost 10% compared to the previous year. Most of this money was made from mobile games, but the console market is also on a fast rise. This year, more than 70% of South Africans between the ages of 18 and 26 spent money on video games.

Especially popular are games such as Defenders of the Ancients 2, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft. In other words, South Africans love to play their games online. This is also evident in the way the market is saturated in casino games, as this country is known to be among the leading online gambling states on the continent. Even though locally operated online casinos are currently not available in South Africa, there are many out-of-state venues that local punters happily visit. As seen on PlayCasino, Yeti Casino is just the right example of that.


Today, the information and communications technology sector contributes a great deal to the growth of the Egyptian economy and is attracting big investments from private companies. Gaming is a big part of this technological development, as the country has been seen as the continent’s leader. For example, 94% percent of Egyptians aged from 25 to 34 years, play games on their mobile phones.

In this country too, smartphones are the most used type of device when it comes to gaming: 72% of Egyptians use them for this purpose. Following the phones, the most used devices for gaming are computers and laptops (52%), tablets (23%), smart TVs (19%), game consoles (17%), mobile game consoles (7%), and streaming devices (4%).

eSports are especially popular in the country. In 2018, Egypt even hosted the Insomnia online gaming festival in the capital Cairo and is home to major eSports teams such as Anubis Gaming.

Africa, and Nigeria specifically, will be some of the most dynamic gaming markets of the future. This is especially clear when we consider how many African game developers, as well as eSports competitors, have appeared in recent years.

Nigeria is not only the biggest country on the continent but potentially also one of the largest gaming markets in the world.

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