Nigerian Celebrity DJ Ms. Dsf Launches ‘The Vibe Curator’ Global Tour


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Ms. DSF, a popular DJ and entertainer, has announced the dates for her upcoming ‘The Vibe Curator’ tour.


This tour will last for over three months, starting in the United Kingdom and traveling through Europe before ending in North America.

Since she began her career as a DJ in 2020, Ms. DSF has made a significant impact in the music world. Her dynamic and exciting performances have attracted fans from around the globe.

She is known for her unique mix of music genres and high-energy shows, becoming a key figure in promoting Afrobeats worldwide.

Before becoming a DJ, Ms. DSF, whose full name is Dorcas Shola Fabson, had a successful acting career, appearing in many films and productions.


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Now, her passion for music drives her to entertain audiences everywhere, solidifying her reputation as a renowned DJ.

A key aspect of Ms. DSF’s performances is her ability to surprise and engage her audience. She often includes unexpected song choices, live remixes, and spontaneous crowd interactions, keeping her shows lively and fresh.

Her upcoming tour promises to be a memorable journey, showcasing her distinctive sound and energetic performances to fans on multiple continents.

With ‘The Vibe Curator’ tour, Ms. DSF aims to offer an eclectic mix of beats, creating a musical experience that transcends borders and unites music lovers.

She continues to push the boundaries of live DJ sets, making her tour an event not to be missed.


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