Nigerian Lady Reacts As She Shows Photos Of Expired Looted COVID-19 Palliative

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A Nigerian lady on her Twitter page has made complaints about what she had gotten when she was given some of the hoarded covid 19 palliatives.

Sharing photos of the stuff given to her was Gari which has its expiry date and has changed color.

In her caption, the irritated Nigerian youth quizzed why these items had to be stored in a warehouse instead of it to be given out to people who were starving.


She questioned who could have given such an order which caused some poor citizens to be starved amid the pandemic.

The reactions started riding following leaked footage of an invasion that happened where some people looted the Covid-19 palliative stored in the warehouse.

Her post reads:

I opened one of the palliative packs and this is what the garri has turned to. Why didn’t people get the palliatives in good time? Who gave the order that they be stored in a warehouse? Why this wickedness?!?


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