Nigerian Lady Sends Message to Those Expecting Chioma’s Breakup with Davido


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A Nigerian woman recently took to social media to voice her strong opinion on the speculation surrounding Chioma and Davido’s relationship.


In a bold statement, she declared that those anticipating Chioma’s breakup with the popular singer are mistaken, boldly asserting that “all men are rats.”

The woman, speaking passionately in a video shared online, emphasized that Chioma, currently residing in Nigeria, would not be leaving Davido anytime soon.

She argued that if she were in Chioma’s shoes, with a wealthy husband like Davido, she wouldn’t consider leaving either.

Instead, she would choose to remain silent and manage the situation. According to her, it’s better to deal with one “rat” than to risk ending up with another.


Davido and Chioma
Photo via Leadership News

The outspoken woman further claimed that Chioma must be benefiting from her relationship with Davido, despite any public perception of infidelity.

She suggested that Chioma might be enjoying certain privileges, even mentioning that Chioma recently gave birth to twins.

The woman’s remarks sparked a wave of reactions online, with many users chiming in to express their views on the matter.

Her blunt perspective not only highlighted the ongoing interest in celebrity relationships but also raised questions about societal expectations and personal choices in such circumstances.


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