Nikki Catsouras Death Explained: What happened to Nikki’s head?


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Nikki Catsouras was a young woman who perished in a terrible automobile accident back in 2006. She was a bright lady who was driving her father’s Porche 911, Carrera, she was restricted to, on the day of the tragedy.


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What happened to Nikki’s head?

Nikki Catsouras defied her parents’ limits by speeding in a vehicle and suffered an accident as she slammed into an unfinished concrete toll booth after overspeeding. The car was destroyed and Nikki died on impact.


However, the devastation was so deep that her body was completely dispersed and her parents were banned from seeing it.

Her head was more or less cut into two and sort of cleaved and then smashed. It is nothing that anyone should ever have to see, said Michael Fertik, the founder of Reputation Defender, a company that helps clients such as the Catsouras family remove items from the internet.


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