Nikolas Cruz Parents: Who Are Lynda Cruz And Roger Cruz?

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Nikolas Cruz was born in Margate, Florida, and was adopted by Linda and Roger Cruz at birth. Nikolas Cruz’s adoptive parents died and Cruz was orphaned three months before the shooting.

Cruz is a member of JROTC and has won many awards, including maintaining A-level and B-level academic achievements in other subjects at JROTC”.


Nicholas Cruz is at the court waiting to plead guilty. Photo Source: The Independent

Who Are Lynda Cruz And Roger Cruz?

Source: sun-sentinel

Nicholas Cruz was raised by adoptive parents Linda (mother) and the late Roger Cruz (father). According to the “Washington Post” report, Nicholas’ father died when Zach(Nikolas’ brother) was four years old.

Lynda Cruz died of pneumonia in November 2017 at the age of 68. Her son turned 18 a year ago. When Nicholas was a child, many years after she lost her husband, she raised him and his brothers-they were all adopted as single parents.

Their father, Roger Cruz, died in 2004.

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