The plan made by the Indonesian government to re-open schools in the low-risk Covid 19 zones has met the oppositions of teachers, pediatricians and child rights activists who are of the opinion that it could endanger the lives of children and cause new infections.

Over half of the Indonesian students live in the high-risk and moderate-risk Covid-19 zones, while about 40 per cent live in regions with no cases and low-risk zones. Last month, the government permitted schools in regions with no Covid-19 cases to reopen.

Dr Aman Bhakti Pulungan, the chairman of the Indonesian Pediatric Society (IDAI), has said that any decision made to reopen the schools should be backed by a more complex assessment, instead of on the mapping of risk-based zones, which he described as a “dynamic” from day to day and might not reflect the realities on the ground due to under-testing. He said;

“We’ve demanded that (Covid-19) tests must be increased 30-fold and include children,” he told The Straits Times on Monday.

“We cannot reopen schools without careful consideration,” he said.

Source; Tale Tela

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