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Otto Addo Open to Collaboration with Hudson-Odoi


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Otto Addo, the head coach of the Black Stars, has spoken about the ongoing reports connecting Chelsea winger Callum Hudson-Odoi to the Ghana national team.


With rumors swirling about Hudson-Odoi potentially switching nationality from England to Ghana, Addo has indicated his willingness to collaborate with any dedicated player.

In response to the speculation, Otto Addo informed 3Sports that “So far, nothing definite. I’ve also heard people mentioning it.”

“To me, nobody came to me so far but we are open for everyone who wants to join. If somebody wants to join, a special player like him, we’re always open.”

Otto Addo / Photo via CAFonline

Addo stressed the significance of players embracing Ghanaian culture, emphasizing the team’s inclusive and harmonious environment.


“I think it’s very important that whoever comes buys into the Ghanaian culture. And the culture is very, very good. Ever since I’ve been here Muslims get along well with Christians, and we have different tribes. All I can say is, surely sometimes there are problems, but as a team, we all connect very well. This is so good to see that things can work even though somebody comes from this part or that part of the world. We all come together as one and this is so important,” he stated.

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