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Papa Jim Death: Obituary, Age Died, Real Name, Related To Danny Duncan

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Internet sensation and everybody’s bespoke grandpa, Papa Jim, has sadly passed away.

Papa Jim’s death was shared by YouTuber Danny Duncan, who often featured Papa in his viral videos.

Papa Jim age died

Danny shared on Instagram that Papa Jim died on May 12, 2022.

Papa Jim was 92 at the time of his passing.

Papa had previously fallen victim to a hoax on the internet that claimed he had died.

At the time of writing, his family have not disclosed any details about his death.


Papa Jim real name

Papa Jim’s real name is Jim Davitt.

Papa Jim related to Danny Duncan?

Due to the closeness of Papa Jim and Danny Duncan, a lot of people thought that they are related.

However, Papa Jim is not related to Danny Duncan.

Papa Jim is rather related to Duncan’s close friend David Tomchinsky.

Papa Jim is the grandfather of the YouTuber’s close friend David Tomchinsky, who works as an Executive Assistant/Social Media Manager for Duncan’s brand.

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