Patapaa’s Wife in Bed with Another Man


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A video has surfaced online which captures intimate moments between a man and Liha, who is known as Patapaa’s wife. The man boldly refers to Liha as his wife, despite her known marriage to the Ghanaian musician.


This video has sparked a buzz on social media, leaving viewers surprised and curious about the situation. The release of the video has brought attention to the couple’s relationship, leading to speculation about a possible divorce.

Patapaa, famous for his hit song “One Corner,” has not publicly addressed the video or the man’s assertions. Patapaa and Liha got married in January 2021 in Agona Swedru, Central Region.

Patapaa and Liha /

Liha, who resides in Germany, shared that she first met Patapaa at a concert in Belgium where he performed his popular track “One Corner.” She mentioned her fondness for the song and her decision to attend the concert in Belgium.

Liha explained,

“It all started when he had his show in Belgium. I have friends in Belgium and Germany who organize shows, so there’s a friend in Belgium who invited Patapaa to perform. I like the ‘One Corner’ song; maybe you saw how I was dancing to it on my wedding day.”


She noted that, due to Patapaa’s reserved nature, they didn’t have a conversation during their initial meeting.

She shared,

Patapaa and Liha /

“Because I asked for the picture, I think he didn’t even ask me anything, he only shook his head and I thought maybe he doesn’t know how to speak English.”

Liha, who claims to work as a nurse in Germany, revealed that a friend who organizes concerts in Europe facilitated their reunion by inviting Patapaa to Germany for a show.

Despite reports of their divorce, neither Patapaa nor Liha has confirmed this publicly. The emergence of this new video appears to confirm that there are indeed issues in the relationship between Patapaa and Liha.

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