Patrice Talon Biography; Net Worth, Family, Wife, Fortune, Political Party

Patrice Talon is the president of the Republic of Benin since 2016. He is also a renowned businessman.

Patrice Talon was born on born 1 May 1958 in Ouidah Benin. Talon got a “C” grade in his bachelor’s degree in science studies at the University of Dakar. He wanted to become a pilot but could not make it a reality after he failed a medical test.


Patrice Talon net worth

Patrice Talon is not only a president with a business mind, he is rated as the 15th richest person in Sub- Saharan with a net worth of about $400 million.


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Patrice Talon family

Patrice Talon is a family man. His brothers are Lionel and Jean Claude Talon. He has a sister called Karen Talon.

Patrice Talon wife

Patrice Tolon is married to Claudine Gbénagnon.

Patrice Talon political party

Patrice Talon does have or belong to any political party, he won the election as an independent candidate.