Portable Resumes Feud with Davido, Accuses Him of Exploiting Him for Publicity


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Controversial Nigerian music star, Portable, continues to criticize his colleague Davido, accusing him of using him to gain social media attention.


Portable claims that Davido invited him to a dinner in Atlanta, US, but later gave him bad advice.

Following the dinner, Portable made several statements about Davido, leading the singer to unfollow him on Instagram. This action by Davido further angered Portable.

In a recent video, Portable alleges that Davido exploited him for social media trends. He believes that instead of exploiting him, Davido should have collaborated with him on a song.


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Portable also feels that as a fellow ‘superstar’, Davido should have given him some financial support, suggesting $10,000 as an appropriate amount.

Portable expressed his frustration, saying, “Davido invited me for dinner and posted about it, but he didn’t give me a verse or money.

He just used me to trend. $10,000 wouldn’t have been bad if you gave me that at least.”


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