Premier League ‘Big Six’ To Pay £20m Super League ‘Fines’

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The six English clubs — Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, and Liverpool secretly agreed to play in a European Super League (ESL). These clubs rescinded their decision and will pay just over £20m to draw a line under their ensuing row with the Premier League.

These clubs will pay an average of around £3.5m per club. The announcement will be announced by English football’s top flight on Wednesday afternoon.

The Big Six clubs which signed up for a similar project would be liable to a penalty of more than £20m and a 30-point Premier League deduction.


The Premier League-imposed fines are comparable to those imposed by UEFA, which announced a package of “reintegration measures” for the nine clubs who agreed to pull out of the ESL during a torrid 48-hour period at the end of April.

The Super League clubs are now left with Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus.

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