Kiddwaya has finally admitted he is one of the housemates who moves with pride.


He affirmed the pride part of his lifestyle when he was answering the questions asked by his fans amid the question and answer session. He did not deny the fact that he is proud of what he does. However, he accepted the fact with a reason behind his actions.

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According to him, being proud has a positive impact on one’s life, that is, it helps to keep one’s self-respect in check.

Talking about his pride, he said:

“pride puts layout self-respect in check”

The love interest of Erica Nlewedim explained that there are people who wished for his downfall and others who also pray they become like him. Adding to his statement was the fact that God’s plan in his life is much heavier than their evil deeds.

He said:

The fact that so many people want me to fail. So many want to use me as an example.

But what they didn’t understand is that my God is working harder than their devil.