Private Security Companies Act Of Ghana


There have been calls in the past for private security companies to have their own Act that controls their operations in Ghana in order for them to bring sanity to their business in the country.

Currently, the Police Service Act (Act 350) 1970 mentions that a private security establishment as any establishment that has taken upon itself to accept private investigations as to evidence or the character of any individual, or which does services of protecting, patrolling for the purpose of giving protection against crime, but does not include the Military, Police Service or the Prisons Service.


Section 38, Act 350 1970 of the Ghana Police Service gives power to the Minister of Interior to regularise the commencement and operations of all private security establishments in Ghana.

The work of private security companies has been left without a full law to control their operations for many years now, which has created space for some of them to work unprofessionally.

The Association of Private Security Organisations of Ghana (ASPOG) has in the past raised this concern for Private Security Companies Act in Ghana on several occasions and it appears to have not materialised.