QAnon Shaman: U.S. Capitol rioter sentenced to over three years in prison

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Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley, also known as the QAnon Shaman has been sentenced to 41 months in prison. This is due to the part he played in the US Capitol riot.

Image Credit: Al Jazeera

Jacob is also identified as Q Shaman, Yellowstone Wolf, and Jake Angeli. He was born in 1988.


Angeli Chansley is American. He is also an activist and a believer of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Angeli was one of the rioters who participated in the 2021 United States Capitol attack. He is a supporter of ex-president Donald Trump.

Angeli was present at the Black Lives Matter demonstration. He also attended demonstrations in Phoenix sometime in 2019.

Pictures of Chansley went viral at the Capitol because of his weird appearance. He was also leading others through the Capitol while shouting into a bullhorn.

Angeli was then arrested on January 9 on federal charges. He was accused of “knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds”

Chansley pled guilty to a single charge in September this year. This November, he was then sentenced to 41 months, which equates to three years and five months in jail.

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