Quaye Opposes FDA’s Alcohol Ad Ban, Warns Against Laws that Limit Celebrities’ Earning Potential


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Ghanaian actor and media figure George Quaye has voiced his disappointment following the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA)’s ban on celebrities endorsing alcoholic drinks.


The court, in a 5-2 ruling, rejected the challenge against the FDA directive, which prohibits famous personalities from promoting alcoholic beverages.

Quaye, present during the court’s verdict, expressed concern over the impact on celebrities’ livelihoods.

He acknowledged the FDA’s intention to shield minors from alcohol-related influence but urged for a balanced approach that considers both public health and economic implications.

“I wonder if this is a conflict between the FDA and celebrities,” Quaye remarked, suggesting a need for collaborative strategies rather than adversarial ones.


George Quaye
Photo via Ghana Web

He emphasized the importance of finding creative solutions to engage celebrities positively without compromising regulatory objectives.

The FDA, citing guidelines from 2016 aimed at safeguarding youth from alcoholism, defended the ban as aligned with global health policies. It stressed the necessity to prevent minors from alcohol addiction spurred by celebrity endorsements.

The lawsuit challenging the FDA’s directive, led by Mark Darlington, aimed to deem the ban unconstitutional, citing violations of anti-discrimination provisions in Ghana’s constitution.

The Supreme Court’s decision underscores ongoing debates about the role of celebrities in advertising regulated products and the balance between public health protection and economic freedoms in Ghana.


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