Rape Allegation: Daud Kim accused for using islam for clicks and YouTube followers

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Korean Youtuber Daud Kim, who has come under attack for allegedly attempting to sexually assault a foreign woman during her trip to the country, has been accused by a Twitter user @leyloyami for using Islam for clicks and Youtube following.

The accusation comes after Daud Kim took over twitter trends over allegations of rape and sexual assaults.

According to the Twitter user, Daud Kim “always seemed a bit creepy” and “looks like he fetishizes muslim girls”.

The post reads:

Daud Kim uses islam for clicks and a following on YouTube. He always seemed a bit creepy to me and it looks like he fetishizes muslim girls. Many people are surprised because he looked like such a “nice” guy.

In September 2019, the former singer shared news via his official YouTube channel as well as his Instagram account reciting the shahada in front of the members of the Seoul Central Mosque. An indication that he has reverted to Islam. His Youtube channel immediately shot up to over 500,000 subscribers and currently has 2.26 million subscribers.


The Twitter user who seem convinced that the Youtuber reverted to Islam to grow his online presence, added that nobody should trust anybody too easily just because they are korean or a revert.

Daud Kim was born as a Catholic with the name David.

A TikTok user, @kurapikacult, uploaded a clip of the culprit, allegedly Daud, along with a lengthy statement that reads, “On the first day I arrived in Korea, YouTuber Jay Kim/Daud Kim tried to rape me in my sleep. I am the victim, I have more proof.”

She added, “He deleted his apology and blocked us so he can continue to manipulate millions of his subscribers. The Korean police did nothing to protect us and didn’t charge him. We could be sued for this but we want justice for this.” The female victim also urged the authorities to “de-platform” the social media influencer.

“My friends and I have also been harassed by his fans till this day. I took this video after (he finished doing the wrongful act). This clip shows how traumatised we were. He ruined our entire trip. We’ve been living in fear after the incident,” she further claimed. In the clip, the sound of a woman crying can also be heard.

Daud is yet to respond to the sexual assault allegations. has local correspondents across the globe who are behind the incredible journalism our portal enjoys.

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